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The Department of Accounting and Finance of the Athens University of Economics and Business is a new Department, which was established in the academic year 1999-2000 with co-financing from the Hellenic Ministry of Education and the European Union. The chief goals of the Department are to promote knowledge and research in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance.


The Department, offering high level studies in a scientific field in high demand, has created a modern and well-structured curriculum, which follows the standards of the respective programs of the best Universities in Europe and America. This program is adapted to the Greek reality and aims to meet the professional needs of the accounting and financial sector of the country. In particular, the program provides thorough training of students in matters related to financial operation, as well as the organization and operation of the accounting and auditing services of companies in both the private and public sector.

In addition, the students of the Department acquire specialized knowledge related to the operation of the various Credit Institutions, as well as the Money and Capital Markets. The courses of the Curriculum of the Department are divided into foundation courses (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester) and direction courses (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semester). The former include modules such as: Management, Mathematics-Statistics, Computer Science, Business Law, etc. and provide the necessary theoretical background and practical applications for a fuller understanding of the environment in which businesses operate. The latter offer cutting-edge scientific knowledge in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance, perfectly connect theory with practice and give the students the opportunity to deepen further in the respective fields.

In order to receive a Degree in the Department of Accounting and Finance, a successful examination in 40 courses is required. From the 5th semester the Curriculum dispenses two directions: Accounting and Finance. In the direction of Accounting the compulsory courses are 10 and the electives 10, whereas in the direction of Finance the compulsory courses are 12 and the electives 8. All the courses of the Curriculum are taught in-class four hours per week.

Finally, the students of the Department have the opportunity to attend the Program in Education and Training Sciences, obtaining the Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Adequacy, which ensures the graduates’ participation in ASEP Teacher competitions, as well as their employment as teachers in activities that require pedagogical and didactic skills.


The Postgraduate Programs offered by the Department of Accounting and Finance or in collaboration with other Departments are the following:


The Doctoral Program provides specialization in the main cognitive fields of the Department, through further training and research. It aims, on the one hand to produce a high level of scientific research and on the other, to create graduates who contribute to the advancement of science, education and applications. The graduates of the Doctoral Program will staff the research, business and educational community in Greece and abroad. At the same time, the Doctoral Program is considered for the Department, but also for AUEB as a whole, a source of academic prestige and international recognition and contributes to the upgrading of research productivity, with emphasis on the publication of scientific work which is carried out.


The graduates of the Department of Accounting and Finance are most suitable for the staffing of financial services, accounting, private and public sector companies, accounting-auditing companies and large Financial Institutions, such as commercial and investment banks, financial, investment, and insurance companies. Their modern scientific training, as well as the analytical and synthetic skills that they acquire during their studies in the Department of Accounting and Finance, enable them, among other things, to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing conditions in the modern international capital markets, to produce high-quality financial projects, to manage effectively large portfolios using sophisticated financial instruments, and meet the control procedures of sophisticated large enterprises. Graduates also acquire the scientific body of knowledge that will allow them to pursue domestic Postgraduate and Doctoral Programs or abroad and engage in scientific research.


Accounting Applications Laboratory

Laboratory of Financial Applications

Business Analysis and Valuation Laboratory

Behavioral Finance Laboratory (BeFin)

International Shipping, Finance and Management Laboratory

Each laboratory serves a specific mission:

·       Coverage of the Department’s undergraduate level teaching and research needs and in general, coverage of the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research needs of the other Departments at Athens University of Economics and Business.

·       Collaboration with domestic and foreign research centers and academic institutions when the scientific objectives coincide, go hand in hand and complement each other with those of other Laboratories in a spirit of interaction and collaboration.

·       Organization of scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events, the publication of articles and events and the invitation of Greek and foreign prominent scientists & personalities.