The Actions that have been carried out by the Office of Career Support & Professional Development of the MSc in Management Science and Technology for the academic year 2021-22 are the following:

Personal Branding - Ms Natasa Fotinakopoulou, HR Supervisor | DP... am
26/2/2022 - Ms. Natasa Fotinakopoulou, HR Supervisor of DP... am, will talk to the students of the MSc in Management Science and Technology about "Personal Branding" and more specifically: 

  • Definition of Personal Branding
  • Basic Pillars of Personal Branding
  • Building the Personal Branding Strategy
  • The value of Personal SWOTing
  • Content Marketing vs Brand Storytelling
  • Building a Proper Storytelling
  • Creating Contemporary Content
  • Including the CV in the context of Personal Branding
  • Personal Branding & Social Media
  • Practicing Personal Branding