Labrini Piha

PhD, Department of Marketing and Communication

I got acquainted with the Department of Marketing and Communication and the people who work in it when I entered the Department as an undergraduate student in the year 2000. In 2004 I continued my studies in the Department’s MBA program and completed them in 2012 when I was awarded my PhD. Nearly twelve consecutive years were devoted to the quest for knowledge, and valuable experiences that will be an invaluable resource in the future. 

Without a doubt the significant lack of research funding and sophisticated infrastructure is a reality of the tertiary education in our country. However, when a person wants to learn, to conduct research, and to progress, these obstacles simply reinforce the desire to succeed and increase the satisfaction that comes from achieving results. 

During the course of my studies I had the good fortune and the honor to have the support of the Department’s faculty members, all of whom have rich research and academic accomplishments. Even more importantly, they have integrity and principles which ensured that the Department functioned in a smooth and just manner. With their strong belief in the value of Marketing Science for Greek businesses and the economy as a whole, all the Department members - under the leadership of Professor George J. Avlonitis - have been trying since the Department’s inception, with a remarkable persistence  and enthusiasm, to pass on to the students the value of Marketing Science.

I extend my heartfelt best wishes to everyone in the department, and hope that they will continue to create well-rounded marketing professionals who will contribute to the development of Greek Entrepreneurship.