Lars Jensen

PhD Candidate, TU Dortmund, Germany
Graduate of the MSc Program in International Marketing (PR.I.MA.)

To apply for PRIMA has been the ideal stepping stone for my future career in international marketing. The international character of the program has helped me to develop a global mindset, a skill which you need to have in order to hold a leading position in small and large companies being active or having the aim to operate in international markets.

During my time in Athens I had the chance to meet people from a lot of different cultural and scientific backgrounds, both in and outside the class room. Thus, I engaged in many interesting discussions which have helped me to become confident and to feel comfortable in international work settings.

The fact that my study visit in Greece fell in the time of the worst economic crisis of the last 50 years has actually provided me with a distinctive skill. For instance, I had the opportunity to discuss with my peers and teachers the impact of crisis on consumer behavior. Given the fact that the economic crisis is increasingly affecting other European countries, my impressions and observations in respect to consumer behavior, may provide a valuable assets 
to any firm operating on an international scale. 

PRIMA, as a very innovative program, has even made it possible for me to cooperate with the Danish dairy giant Arla Foods (*the seventh largest dairy company in the world) on a common research project on consumer behavior in Greece. This common research project combined with my PRIMA master’s degree in international marketing is a very good eye catcher on my CV and has helped me to develop my next career steps.