Advanced Topics in Strategy and Innovation

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Specialization Courses

The purpose of this course is to make students understand selected issues related to strategy and innovation. Specifically to promote understanding of critical issues in the areas of strategy implementation and strategic change, governance and corporate responsibility, as well as with the management of innovation. It aims at providing knowledge, and also at developing students’ skills in the application of strategy concepts, methods and tools in dealing with the specific issues addressed as well as by focusing on practical examples and cases, and application projects.

The course examines issues of strategy implementation, strategic change, and the management of innovation. More specifically: 

  • Unit 1: Basic concepts in strategic change and innovation
  • Unit 2: Strategy implementation: from planning to implementing
  • Unit 3: Management of strategic change
  • Unit 4: Structural mechanisms for strategy implementation
  • Unit 5: Strategic planning system 
  • Unit 6: Corporate Governance: purposes and goals, role of BoD
  • Unit 7: Corporate Governance: critical issues, trends
  • Unit 8: Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Unit 9: Strategic management of non-profit organizations
  • Unit 10: Innovation and competitiveness
  • Unit 11: New product development processes 
  • Unit 12: Knowledge and Learning
  • Unit 13: National Systems of Innovation