Analysis & Modeling of Business Processes and Systems

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Specialization Courses

The objective of the course is to introduce basic concepts and techniques related to business analysis of IT enabled work systems. The students will comprehend how different types of business processes and technologies, within a specific human, work and organisational context can be analysed in order to identify and implement improvements and innovations. Emphasis is given on techniques for the analysis of structures, performance, infrastructures and risk in organisational and societal settings empowered by technology. Further, the student will be introduced to techniques and tools for business process modelling and evaluation and will apply them to test cases in lab sessions. Students will also learn how to conduct a business process analysis study and will be asked to apply these skill in ta real life case setting.

The course material includes the following thematic areas:

  • Organizational analysis and Information Systems
  • Work systems: conceptual framework, elements of, and 5 analysis perspectives
  • Event driven business process modelling
  • Work systems analysis perspectives: architecture, performance, infrastructures, context, and risk.
  • Applying business analysis techniques to real-life settings
  • Business process management life-cycle.