Business Analytics & Personalization Technologies

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Specialization Courses

The first part of the course deals with the analysis and utilization of the huge amount of data (information, products, services, product evaluations, etc.) available to Internet users and businesses operating in this environment with the aim of understanding and predicting human behavior and its exploitation to provide sophisticated and personalized services. The first part of the course aims to introduce the students to the techniques of analytical processing of interactive behavioral data from heterogeneous sources and to familiarize themselves with algorithms of behavior prediction and personalization of information.

The second part of the course aims to link theory to practice in a field that is critical to many of today's businesses: data analysis to better manage the supply chain and optimally respond to consumer needs. This course will emphasize the necessary theoretical background related to these topics, as well as the practical application of the corresponding concepts and models in different types of enterprises and in the context of collaborative practices. A series of case studies will be presented showing the export of knowledge from the data and the business impact from the practical application of this knowledge. It will also cover issues of modern technologies that support data export and analysis as well as efficient supply and demand chain management.