Business Strategy

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Compulsory Courses

The course introduces students to issues of Business Strategy while providing them with skills regarding the application of concepts and techniques. It examines issues along the whole spectrum from strategy formulation to strategy implementation. It refers to theories and practice, using examples from real enterprises and cases presentation.

The course includes four parts referring to:

  • The concept of strategy: Strategic fit, strategic stretch. Intended and realised strategies. Strategy as design versus emergent strategy.
  • Strategic analysis: Framework, methods and tools of environment analysis. Analyzing resources and capabilities. Sources of competitive advantage.
  • Strategic choices: Generating alternative strategic choices for business development. Strategic alliances and partnerships. Acquisitions. Evaluation of alternative strategies.
  • Strategy implementation: Transformation of strategy into action plans. Aligning tactics, structure, systems, skills, culture, management style. Planning, processes and resource allocation. Strategic change.