Digital Innonation and Entrepreneurship

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Specialization Courses

E-Business offers the opportunity for increasing the competitiveness of enterprises (with innovative business models, with personalized services, business analytics etc.) and the creation of new enterprises exploiting the potential of digital media (eg internet). Innovation is also an essential tool in the modern business environment for increased productivity, value added impact, international competitiveness and sustainable development. This course covers the above two trends (ie the connection of digital services and new entrepreneurship) through an interdisciplinary approach.

The aim of the course is:

  • The students to acquire the specialized knowledge in technical and organizational aspects of e-business
  • To be able to understand the potential of innovation and strategy for dynamic new companies (start-ups)
  • To obtain the necessary knowledge to design innovative technological services / products and the development of a comprehensive business plan
  • To use the above in order to create innovative business models / services / business in a real life environment with emphasis in new technologies

The course includes topics such as:

  • Business models of e-business
  • Technological and functional developments in digital media
  • Design innovation in business services / products, processes etc.
  • Strategy for innovation and digital entrepreneurship
  • Design and development of a business plan
  • Development and funding new businesses
  • Critical success factors in the running of new business