Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

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Specialization Courses

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems are coherent and integrated software applications that can support a large variety of operational processes and business functions and a focal monitoring, control and coordination tool for all operations that take place in the headquarters and the distinct remote locations of modern enterprises. Via advanced database and communication technologies and sound coverage of diverse business functions, ERP systems achieve data centralization, integration of business software applications and business process redesign, all in the quest for process optimization, productivity enhancements and gaining of competitive advantage through innovative information technology. For the successful enterprises and organizations within the Information and Knowledge Society, ERP Systems are the backbone transactional information platforms that allow quick response to the challenges emanating from the continuously evolving business landscape.

Within the mini-course the following areas related to ERP systems will be addressed:

  • Introduction to ERP systems (What exactly are they?)
  • Architecture and underlying technologies of ERP systems
  • Business functions addressed by modern ERP systems
  • The ERP advantage for large enterprises and SMEs
  • Critical success factors for ERP implementation projects
  • Methodologies for effective selection and implementation of ERP systems
  • Demos of standard ERP functionality
  • Case studies illustrating ERP implementations from Greece and abroad