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Course Description

This course introduces students to the notion of entrepreneurship while providing them with skills and knowledge regarding the whole cycle of the entrepreneurial process from opportunity identification and assessment to mobilising resources creating the enterprise, managing for growth and ending the new venture. An introduction to the notion of social entrepreneurship and the development of social enterprises is also made in the frame of the course. More specifically the course includes three parts, referring to the:

  • Notion and importance of entrepreneurship and its environment
  • Entrepreneurial process: Creativity and business idea, business model, business planning, securing resources and agreements, growth strategies and exit strategies. 
  • Sources of capital and financing in all stages of growth.

The course material includes the following thematic areas:

  • Introduction to the notion of entrepreneurship 
  • The eco-system of entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and creativity 
  • Business idea – Business model
  • Business plan (I): Development
  • Business plan (II): Evaluation
  • Software for the development of the financial statements of the business plan 
  • Foundation of the venture
  • Managing and growing the venture
  • Exit strategies
  • Sources of capital and financing in all stages of growth.
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship