International Business Management

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Specialization Courses

The aim of the course is for students to understand the international business and its operation in the international market. The basic principles of Business Administration remain the same when an enterprise is internationalized but needs to be studied in the new external environment markets. Foreign countries are different and so the problems that management can face with the internationalization of the company are likely to be more complex. The management of an internationalized business should investigate to what extent it should respond - adapt its resources and capabilities, and strategies for international markets as well as to what extent it will take advantage of the opportunities and opportunities that exist in its country-based economy internationalization. Also, transactions at international level involve risk since they involve currency conversions in different national currencies. Consequently, the overall objective of the course is to bring the content of International Businesses closer to the entrepreneur / business team in a wider context of decisions in the internationalized company on the international and domestic markets. Teaching and discussion is based on activities and examples of Greek and international business.