Operations Research and Business Analytics

Operational Research, as a traditional approach to decision-making solutions in conjunction with Business Analytics as a modern and expanded view, is an evolving scientific area that is experiencing a re-acne in the last decade, precisely because of the increased size and complexity of modern decision-making problems.

This stream provides both methods of data analysis and methods for mathematical modeling and computational solution of all applications, which are analyzed within the Department's curriculum (Logistics, Production, Services, Finance, Human Resources Management, Project Planning). The emphasis in this stream is more on the methods and mathematical or algorithmic foundations of applications and computational problems.

Therefore, the directional design aims at a horizontal (rather than vertical) approach of all applications, in order for the graduate to be flexible and competitive in the labor market. This means that the graduate will be able to work equally successfully as an analyst within a specialized business (in the fields of production and services, logistics and transport, finance, project management, etc.) and as a business consultant within an advisory company that serves other organizations.

At the same time, the horizontal approach of direction leads to the construction of a solid background in analytical and computational decision making methods combined with data analysis methods. This background can support multiple subjects at postgraduate level (from Computer Science to Business Administration and, of course, Business Analytics). The content of the stream courses includes:

  • Deepening in Operations Research and Decision Making methodologies
  • The examination of fundamental and specialized Production  and Operations Management issues
  • The thorough examination of Financial engineering methods
  • The design of Combination Optimization algorithms and methods
  • The Modeling of stochastic decision-making problems through stochastic processes or simulation
  • Deepening in Business Analytics issues, particularly in personalization technologies as well as data analysis in the supply chain.

The set of courses includes modeling and analysis-solving applications and case studies, as well as introducing relevant software or programming algorithms.

Stream Courses