Financial Engineering

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Financial Engineering provides the means of implementing financial innovation through the use of financial instruments like forwards, futures, swaps and options. Usual applications include the restructuring of corporate or investor cash flows in order to achieve tactical and strategic targets, with particular emphasis on risk management. Financial Engineering is at the forefront of innovation and development in financial markets, granting private investors, corporations and institutions almost complete flexibility in transforming existing cashflows into new cashflows with different quantitative and qualitative characteristics. This course aims to provide the tools, methodologies and skills necessary in order to understand, implement and innovate in this very active environment. Real case studies will be presented, demonstrating practical applications of the taught material.

The course material includes the following thematic areas:The course material includes the following thematic areas:

  • Financial Engineering Mathematics
  • Forwards & Futures Options
  • Swaps, Caps & Collars
  • Risk Management