Professor M. Lynne Markus honored the Department

Professor M. Lynne Markus, The John W. Poduska Senior Professor of Information and Process Management at Bentley University, USA, has honored our department by participating via skype in the course Information Resource Management on Thursday November 9, 2017. Her participation followed an invitation by the course teacher, Associate Professor Nancy Pouloudi. Professor Markus talked about the publication of her classical study on “Power, politics and MIS implementation” that was published in the Communications of the ACM in 1983. The students of the course had already studied this paper as part of their course preparation. The paper is one of the mostly cited articles in the field of information systems and fundamental to the study of resistance to change related to the use of information systems. Professor Markus referred to the history of publication of this article, her academic career, and talked about current topics of interest to the information systems field. Particular emphasis was given to the use of qualitative research methods, issues pertaining to the evaluation of research articles and issues of academic professional conduct. Professor Markus has won the highest appreciation award of Association for Information Systems, the Leo Award for Exceptional Lifetime Achievement in Information Systems.