Programming I

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Compulsory Courses

Course Description

The course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of programming using the Java programming language. At the first part of the course, students are familiarized with the basics of programming (development of algorithms, Object-oriented design) applied through Java programming. At the second part of the course, the most significant aspects of the Java language are analyzed (classes, methods, variables, tables, control statements, inheritance) in order to provide students the ability to develop their own Java programs. The expected learning outcome is to enable students to design object-oriented programs and develop programming skills using the Java language through a number of lab exercises and personal assignments. The scalable learning method employed (from small program segments to larger – real life – programs) is expected to exercise students in the analytical programming thinking and provide them with the necessary knowledge to build their own programs in a systematic way.

The course contents are:

  • Fundamental elements of programming languages
  • Object-Oriented modeling
  • the Java programming language
  • variables
  • input and output
  • comparison operators
  • logic operators
  • conditional operators
  • programming with objects, classes and methods
  • arrays
  • exceptions
  • inheritance