Programming II

Course Code: 
Compulsory Courses

Course Description

At the end of this course students should be able to:

  • have a basic knowledge of the methods and programming techniques used for implementing information systems
  • design and build moderately complex applications
  • use ready-made libraries and data structures
  • use design patterns to structure their code
  • process complex data structures and sources
  • Evaluate alternative technologies and information system evaluation strategies

The course contents are:

  • Development environments and languages
  • compilers and interpreters
  • programming with objects
  • code style
  • building classes
  • inheritance
  • development of large systems: exceptions, assertions, interfaces, abstract patterns, packages
  • generalizations and threads
  • data structures: strings, iterators, vectors, stacks, and maps
  • structuring data with XML
  • file handling
  • development of graphical applications
  • string processing with regular expressions
  • interfacing with internet applications
  • handling data in relational databases