Project Management

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Compulsory Courses

Managing projects constitutes a major management operation in any contemporary company or organization. This course deals with the techniques, methods, and tools used for planning, controlling and assessing projects.

After completing this course the students will be able to:

  • understand methods and techniques related to project selection, organization, planning, scheduling, control, and evaluation
  • select and evaluate projects
  • schedule optimally the project evolution
  • monitor and manage a project
  • implement processes for project control.

The course includes the following sections:

  • Introduction to Project Management: Project life cycle, Total Quality Management in project management,
  • Project Selection and Evaluation: Cost-benefit analysis, Cost-effectiveness analysis, Multicriteria evaluation
  • Project Scheduling: Definition, objectives, and constraints for project development, identification of activities, estimation of the duration and the resources required for the realization of the activities, construction of project network
  • Methods for Project Scheduling: Methods for Project Scheduling (Critical Path Method, Programme Evaluation Review Technique),
  • Project Cost and Resource Management: Cost estimation, time-cost trade-off analysis, resource management and allocation, Programme Management,
  • Project Control: Techniques for project control.