TEDxAUEB | arctos
Saturday, March 17, Technopolis City of Athens

The star "arctos' has lead people for many centuries to their destination. It was a point of reference and a means of orientation in times when they discovered the world. Everyone and each of us, has his own arctos to travel on the journey of his life.

What does our world best reflect? A man, an idea or a life experience?

TEDxAUEB returns for another year, on Saturday, March 17 at Technopolis, City of Athens. Twelve Greek and international speakers from different fields of activity will attempt to approach through their personal experience the particular importance of "arctos".

TEDxAUEB's scene could not miss performances of artists who have found their own star in art, but also interactive workshops inspired by a world that goes forward.

Supply your ticket from: www.tedxaueb.com

Under the auspices of Athens University of Economics and Business.