Work & Organizational Psychology

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Organizational Psychology is an area of applied psychology. It investigates employees’ interaction at workplace using social sciences’ theories and research designs, exploring simultaneously relationships amongst employees. The course is designed to offer an introduction to the field of work and organizational psychology in relations to courses such as Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour and Leadership. When completing this course students will be able to use the models, constructs and practical implications of organizational psychology in order to perform more effectively at work in benefit of themselves and their organizations.

The course is based on the analysis of the basic applications of organizational psychology. The sections that will be discussed are the following: Psychological assessment at work and individual differences (Cognitive ability, personality and emotional  intelligence), attitudes at work, occupational stress and burnout, work satisfaction, career management and development and teamwork, etc.

The content of the course includes the following main thematic areas:

  • Introduction - Basic Concepts: The beginning and development of Organizational Psychology - Video view (Documentary)
  • Psychometric assessment in Organizational Psychology - Psychology of Individual Differences - Intelligence - Cognitive Skills Questionnaire - Video view (Documentary)
  • Psychology of individual differences
  • Personality - Personality questionnaire
  • Psychology of individual differences - Emotional Intelligence
  • Learning - Performance of behavioral causes
  • Prejudices, stereotypes and perception - Video view (Documentary)
  • Attitudes, professional satisfaction and positive work behaviors
  • Integration, socialization in the organization and Psychological contract
  • Work Performance and negative work attitudes - Video view (Documentary)
  • Occupational stress and burnout - Occupational stress questionnaire to be completed in the class - Video view (Documentary)
  • Dynamics and group processes at work - Teamwork Questionnaire Types