Easter Workshop on “The Nexus between Fiscal and Monetary Policies in General Equilibrium"


Easter Workshop on

“The nexus between fiscal and monetary policies in general equilibrium”

April 1-5, 2024

Hosted by

the Bank of Greece


the Department of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business

Aim: This workshop is aimed at economists who work at Central Banks, Ministries of Finance and other policy institutions. But it is also aimed at advanced PhD students and post-doc researchers who work on this area. The workshop will cover micro-founded macroeconomic models and computational applications using Matlab and DYNARE. The key idea is to start with a simple well-known model and then add step-by-step the main macroeconomic (fiscal and monetary) policies in a unified general equilibrium framework.       


  • Baseline laboratory: the neoclassical growth model with fiscal policy
  • Adding nominal fixities and interest rate policy (New Keynesian model)
  • Adding private banks, the central bank and quantitative monetary policies
  • The above in an open economy  
  • What is different in the Eurosystem

Instructors: The core lectures will be given by Professor Apostolis Philippopoulos, while specific topics and computational applications will be taught by researchers at the Bank of Greece and the Athens University of Economics and Business, all of whom have published in this area.       

Timetable: The workshop will start on Monday, April 1, and will be completed on Friday, April 5. There will be a three-hour lecture in the morning of each teaching day, followed by a short lunch break and a two-hour application or an extra lecture in the afternoon.

Administrative information: The workshop will take place at the Bank of Greece and the Athens University of Economics and Business, which are both located in close distance to each other at the center of Athens, Greece. Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements (ticket, accommodation, meals) although relevant information will be provided if needed.  

Fees and deadlines for application: Participants will be asked to pay a fee of 450 euros or 250 for PhD students. The closing date for applications is 15 February 2024. In case of an early registration (by 31 December 2023), the fee is 350 euros or 150 for PhD students.

How to apply: You can send your interest to participate and a short CV to Apostolis Philippopoulos (aphil@aueb.gr).