The Resilience of the Euro: Online lecture of Professor Philip R. Lane, June 22, 2021, at the Department of Economics of AUEB

The Department of Economics of the Athens University of Economics and Business has organised an online lecture by Professor Philip R. Lane, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, on,

The Resilience of the Euro

Professor Lane was welcomed and introduced by the Rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Professor Dimitris Bourantonis and the Head of the Department of Economics, Professor George Alogoskoufis.

The online lecture took place on the 22nd of June, 2021, at 5:00pm (Athens time, 4:00pm Central European Time).

The lecture was followed by a general discussion, moderated by Professor George Alogoskoufis. The discussion was initiated by remarks from Professors Helen Louri, Ploutarchos Sakellaris and Nikos Vettas, from the Department of Economics at AUEB. Questions were also put by Professors Apostolis Philippopoulos, Spyros Pangratis and Evangelos Dioikitopoulos, also from the Department of Economics at AUEB as well as other members of the audience.

A video recording of the lecture is available at the link below.