Speech by KAFKAS S.A.: Interviews & Reality after that

As part of the initiatives of the MSc in Management Science and Technology for the smooth transition of students to the labor market, a training seminar was organized on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, with invited speakers executives of the company KAFKAS S.A. on "Interviews & Reality after that". 

During the seminar, topics related to the interview of acquaintance and selection of a candidate were presented, highlighting both the advance preparation and any "surprise" questions. The authenticity and honesty of the interviewee in questions, primarily highlighting his personality, mutual respect and appreciation, the code of communication and the understanding of each context - depending on the industry and the business - were discussed in detail.

For the "after" were analyzed issues such as the placement of the new executive in the business environment, the evaluation of performance both individually and in groups, the purpose of Talent Acquisition, and the concept and role of the "team" to create added value in the business. Finally, the importance of the "project" for the company and the way responsibilities are distributed in a collective framework were highlighted, but also what exactly innovative thinking means, the concept of "wrong" and how it is dealt with.

Special thanks to the executives of KAFKAS S.A. Mr. Konstantinos Kargas, HR Business Partner & Talent Acquisition Supervisor, Mrs. Efrosini Kourmouli, Talent Acquisition Supervisor and Mrs. Marianna Botnarou, Junior Recruitment Officer, for the support!