Evita Agalianou

Graduate of the Undergraduate Program
European Commission Executive

I came away from my years of study in the Department of Marketing and Communication with only positive experiences.

It is a university department with a strong contemporary orientation that puts special emphasis on new technologies and keeps in close contact with the labor market through its faculty members.

The combination of theory and practice and of Greek and international reality, of qualitative and quantitative subjects covered in the curriculum and of course the general education in conjunction with the Marketing and Communication specializations equip the Department’s graduates with a comprehensive and coherent array of qualifications that help them form a rounded personality and also to acquire a competitive advantage in the labor market. 

After the completion of my undergraduate studies, my application for a postgraduate research degree course in Mass Media was immediately accepted by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

With a bachelor and a postgraduate degree from two recognized universities, I started my professional career under the best possible circumstances. My first professional experience came immediately following the completion of my studies, as an apprentice in the Communication Department of the European Union in Brussels. Since then I have been living and working in Brussels where I now work for the Directorate General for Employment of the European Union for the team of the European Social Fund for Greece.

Something I will never forget? The knot in my stomach when I was only 18 years old and had to partake in the presentation of a team project and accept questions from fellow students in a packed lecture hall. The anxiety we felt was intense, yet it was the best possible preparation for entering the job market at a later stage.