Why choose the MSc in ISFM

The University’s Tradition

AUEB was founded in 1920 and comprises three schools, the School of Business, the School of Economic Sciences and the School of Information Sciences and Technology. It is the most distinguished business school in Greece and is internationally recognized for its quality of education, research and training.

A Leading Edge Study Program

The academic program is taught by world class professors, which is constantly reviewed to fit the needs of the industry. Besides the core courses, you have the opportunity to adapt the MSc to your specific areas of interest, through the selection of a large number of elective course units of your choice and the topic of the MSc thesis. Executive guest speakers and visits to relevant companies and organizations provide you with an “inside view” of the industry. You have the opportunity to access major databases, newspapers, periodicals and academic journals related to shipping, finance and management, which is essential for the required assignments, workshops, academic research and the link of theory with practice.

International Acclaimed Faculty

Our faculty members, all PhD holders, are scientists with notable presence in the European and international scientific community. They have numerable participations in international conferences, and publish research in the most respectable international scientific and professional journals. They are members of editorial boards of international scientific journals, present their research in international conferences in their fields of interest, publish books and monographs in international publishing houses, serve as visiting professors and present their scientific work in major universities around the globe.

A Vibrant Centre

You will have the opportunity to live and study in an International Maritime Centre, in Greece - with the highest ownership (in tonnage) in the World and hundreds of companies located here. Athens is a vibrant city, an amalgamation of culture and maritime entrepreneurial tradition. At the end of the taught part of the program, placements with shipping and other companies are available to students of the MSc. An indicative list of companies includes: Marmaras Navigation, Delta Tankers, Thenamaris ships management Inc., Chartworld shipping corporation, Interunity Management, Carras Hellas S.A., Intermodal shipbrokers, Allied shipbrokers, Clarksons London and Aegean Baltic Bank.

Scholarships & Academic Performance Awards

Tuition fee scholarships are offered to suitable candidates in the MSc program based on merit or/and social and economic criteria. Companies-foundations-institutions that have offered/are offering scholarships to the program include: Aegean Baltic Bank, Marmaras Navigation, Delta Tankers, Propondis Foundation, Chartworld, the MSc in ISFM through Equal Society. Academic excellence awards worth at least 6.000 euro are also offered to top performing students at the end of the full and part time programs, based on performance within the MSc.