Facilities & Services

Classes and activities of the PRIMA program take place at the University's Louzitania Building on Evelpidon Street (47A Evelpidon and 33 Lefkados Str.). The building houses AUEB's graduate programs and displays modern fully equipped classrooms and laboratories. 

AUEB's main campus is located approximately 500 meters from the Louzitania building, in close proximity to the city's historical center, the National Archealogical Museum and the National Technical University. The campus can be easily accessed by metro, buses and trolleys. The new university building is within walking distance from the main campus.

Moreover the area around the campus (Patission Avenue) is very lively, filled with museums, theaters, and a variety of shops and coffee houses. One of the city's main parks, "Pedion tou Areos" (The field of Aris), is situated between the two university campuses and is ideal for strolling and relaxation in-between classes.  The Panellinios Athletic and Sports Center is literally located across the main street.

The program's infrastructure provides numerous facilities and services to the students on campus such as: use of laboratory,  the University's career office, liaison office, restaurants, involvement in cultural activities, health insurance plans, etc.

For more details regarding the services provided by the University you can read here.