Introduction to the Conference

ASSET, the ASsociation of Southern-European Economic Theorists (ASsociation Sud-Européenne d'Economie Theoretique / ASociacion Sud-Europea de Economia Teorica), is a group of twenty one economics departments and economics research centers located in Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey. The purpose of the association is to encourage cooperation and exchange of researchers and ideas among the participating research institutions in the general field of analytical and quantitative economics and econometrics. 

Since 1986 ASSET organizes an annual meeting, an international conference, that currently brings together about 200-250 researchers. This conference is open to researchers not only from institutions situated in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region, but also from institutions outside this area. ASSET makes a concerted effort to promote the participation of young researchers from its members institutions in its annual meeetings. Through this conference ASSET is gradually becoming a focal point in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region for scientific exchanges in all areas of economics.

The ASSET 2019 conference will be organized by the Department of Economics of the Athens University of Economics and Business.  The conference will take place Friday October 25 to Sunday October 27 at the premises of the Athens University of Economics and Business in the center of Athens.