Executive MBA

Website: https://executivemba.aueb.gr/en/

The Executive MBA was founded and started operating in 1998 with the participation of the Departments Business Administration, Marketing and Communication, Management Science and Technology. Τhe Department responsible for coordinating and organizing is the Department of Business Administration. The program director is Professor Vassilis Papadakis, Vice-Rector of International Cooperation and Growth and Professor in the Department of Business Administration.

The Postgraduate Program in Business Administration for Executives aims at University graduates, who are already working and intend to develop their scientific background, professional and administrative skills. The program leads to a Master’s Degree MBA level, recognized by the Ministry of Education.

It is the first Executive MBA in Greece and since 2015 is certified by the International Association of MBAs (AMBA), a certification which was recently renewed in January 2021 and according to the international ranking Eduniversal in 2021 it ranked in the 26th position among Western Europe in his category.

The PT program is implemented in 5 semesters. The courses are completed in the first four semesters. The fifth semester is available to prepare and support the thesis. There is a possibility for a student to complete the program the first 4 semesters, if during the courses he/she prepares his/her thesis.

The design of the program has been made in such a way so as to answer the future needs of leaders, executives, companies and organizations for efficiency and competitiveness within the world class environment of the 21st century. The areas of specialization of this program are:

  • Leadership and strategic management
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Administrative Systems and Information Management

The program of studies is modern in content and methods of education and combines high academic achievement with professional skills and applications. Besides the academic program, is enriched extra curriculum activities as lectures of foreign professors and internationally recognized entrepreneurs and executives, outdoor education activities, etc.

The program accepts University or Technological Educational Institute graduates who have at least three certified work experience (after obtaining the degree). Due to the large number of applications and important program's requirements, there is a specific selection process of students.

The main elements of this process is the evaluation of the dossier (folder) of candidates when applying for a position in the program. Additionally, the interview from special committee of professors and possible examination if deemed necessary.

The selection criteria are:

  1. Mark bachelor’s degree.
  2. At least three years certified professional experience after obtaining their bachelor’s degree.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from professors and/ or employers.
  4. Personal interview where the special committee evaluates.
    4.1 The prospect of candidates to attend the program (analytical, overall thinking, communication skills, leadership skills).
    4.2 The prospect of professional exploitation of the program (clarity of professional goals, career motivation).
    4.3 The ability of the candidate to contribute to the learning process of the program
  5. Good knowledge of English language.

Graduates of the Executive MBA have successful careers among which many are already in senior hierarchical levels (Managers, General Managers).

This program is self-funded and the costs are covered by student tuition.