Software and Data Analysis Technologies

The accumulation of large volumes of data has brought dramatic changes to both day to day and business. Using advanced analysis techniques, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence, we can predict behaviors, discern trends, strategize, and study systems with unprecedented precision. At the same time, Software Technology gives us the tools with which we can work effectively to make such analyzes. It also gives us the skills we can create complete services not only for data analysis but for the implementation of innovative ideas and initiatives.

This stream gives students the necessary knowledge to be able on the one hand to design and implement programs and digital services, on the one hand to  collect, process, and analyze large amounts of data. Direction courses therefore move on two axes:

  • Programming technologies and tools, code development methods, advanced implementation techniques.
  • Data processing and organization techniques, artificial intelligence applications, business analytics, and data science.

Graduates of the department who will choose the stream of Software Technologies and Data Analysis have brilliant prospective developments:

  • In the academic field, they can continue their studies at postgraduate level either in computer programs or in programs of analytical, data science, and artificial intelligence.
  • In the professional field, the labor market in both IT and data analysis is robust and the demand for graduates with specialized knowledge has been and remains very strong.

Finally, the stream provides an additional asset: students will have a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the technologies that have already greatly influenced and will continue to change our lives in the coming decades. In the context of the increasing automation of work that until recently was considered beyond the reach of the computer, such knowledge is the best guarantee we can have for the future, both as workers and as citizens.

Stream Courses