The AquaSPICE and FACTLOG EU funded projects

Thursday, 09 June 2022

Press Release

The AquaSPICE and FACTLOG EU funded projects:
Innovative solutions in Industry 4.0

The optimization of production processes utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Optimization and Digital Twins in the context of Industry 4.0 was the focal point of the plenary meetings of the European Projects FACTLOG and AquaSPICE in which the ELTRUN E-Business Research Center, of the Department of Management Science and of Technology, of the Athens University of Economics and Business, is a partner of.

The FACTLOG “Energy Aware Factory Analytics” (H2020 Grant Agreement no. 869951) project aims to develop Digital Twins (Digital Twins: A virtual copy of production entities as machines or processes that receive data in real time from their physical counterparts and can simulate their actual behavior) with augmented capabilities (Enhanced Cognitive Twins) in the process industries with the goal to optimize and enhance resilience of the overall production process. FACTLOG is driven by specific business cases in the process industries and focuses on innovation in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Optimization areas. In FACTLOG, ELTRUN E-Business R.C. has a dual role acting as the Scientific Coordinator of the overall project as well as by creating the overall optimization solutions for the pilot applications. In the context of the plenary meeting that took place in Biella Italy during May 2022, the progress of all subsystems that support the Digital Twins was presented alongside with the preparation of the pilot evaluation process.


The AquaSPICE “Advancing Sustainability of Process Industries through Digital and Circular Water Use Innovations” (H2020 Grant Agreement no. 958396) project aims to develop and evaluate methodologies of management and optimization of water usage through technologies and tools that will help the process industries to achieve a near-zero water footprint with the lowest possible usage of ground water and lowest possible discharge of treated waste water. This is achieved through several scientific and technical methods in parallel to the usage of Digital Twins in the involved processes and resources, driven by the actual industrial needs of six industrial pilot cases and different water management goals.

In the context of the plenary meeting, held in Athens during May 2022 (and hosted in the premises of the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation – ACEIn) of the Athens University of Economics and Business, 63 participants (and 32 virtually) from 29 organizations discussed the progress of the project and planned its next steps.


For more information relevant to the FACTLOG and AquaSPICE projects you can contact Prof. Yiannis Mourtos ( or visit the following project websites: