Useful Information

Secretariat Office

The secretariat office is located at the Post Graduate Building on Evelpidon 47A &  Lefkados 33 Str, 8th floor, office #806. Working hours are 9:30-16:30 from Monday to Friday.

Eirini Mavromara (+30210 820 3665,

Chara Papakonstantinou (+30210 820 3631,

Network Services

Students are offered a personal aueb account which gives them access to the network services of the University

Guidelines for obtaining the personal aueb account are provided at the beginning of studies’ period.

Student id/pass

All students must apply for issuing the student id/pass upon their registration to the programme. The application is online on the Ministry’s website and guidelines are sent to students by the secretariat at the beginning of the academic year.

Exams and Grading system

At the end of each educational period, students sit on exams. Grades are announced approximately after one month of the examination period through the students’ portal, e-grammateia.

The grading scale is as follows:

8.51-10.00 = excellent (honors)

6.51-8.50 = very good

5.00-6.50 = good

0.00-4.99 = failure

Modules’s Schedule

The detailed schedule is usually announced one month prior to the beginning of each educational period through e-mail to the enrolled students.


Students can apply for certificates through the students’ portal, e-grammateia. Certificates are available three (3) days after the application.

Tuition fees’ installments and receipts

Deposits are made to the Programme’s bank account in the National Bank of Greece (details are provided by the secretariat to the enrolled students). A copy of the deposit slip must always be sent to the secretariat, while the full name of the student should be indicated in the deposit.

In case the tuition fees are deposited by a company and an invoice is required, the student must contact AUEB’s accounting office PRIOR to the deposit. Please note that the student is solely responsible for the deposit and the deposit slip must be given/sent to the secretariat in any case.

The Accounting Office is responsible for issuing the receipts and sending them to the secretariat. After receiving them, the secretariat distributes them to the students.