The curriculum consists of eight (8) modules and a Master Thesis. The programme is accredited according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and successful completion requires students to achieve a total of 75 ECTS credits (core module: 7.5 ECTS; Master thesis: 15 ECTS), i.e. successfully attend the modules and present the Master Thesis. The expected time of completion is four (4) semesters, including the submission of the Thesis.

The academic year consists of four educational periods followed by a period for the drafting of a dissertation. All modules are mandatory, and the minimum teaching hours of each module is twenty one (21) hours. By decision of the Department's Executive Committee, teaching hours can be added to one or more module(s). At the end of each education period student sit for exams

The teaching and examination language is English, while the Master Thesis must also be written in the English language. According to the Academic Regulations, class attendance is compulsory and student attendance lists are maintained by the program's secretariat.. Absence from class of each specific module for a period exceeding 1/3 of the total taught hours of the module automatically means failure in this module. In this case, the student has to attend the class during the next educational period when the module is taught.

The student can apply for an interruption of studies for a maximum period of two (2) semesters and only for force majeure reasons. These semesters are not counted toward the total expected duration of studies. Interruption applications must have the approval of the Executive Committee of the Programme.

Tuition fees are non-refundable in cases of re-enrollment or termination of studies.