Double M.Sc. Degree in Statistics & Financial Analytics 

2 Years - 2 Degrees 

M.Sc. in Statistics from AUEB

M.Sc. in Financial Analytics from Stevens Institute of Technology

The Department of Statistics of AUEB announces a new Double Degree M.Sc. Program with Stevens Institute of Technology , one of the most innovative Universities in USA.

This bilateral agreement allows the students who participate to obtain, at the end of the studies’ period, two postgraduate M.Sc. degrees: one from AUEB in Statistics and one from Stevens Institute of Techology in Financian Analytics

​Αll students that follow the M.Sc. in Statistics in AUEB are eligible to apply for the Double Degree. Nevertheless, the positions are limited to 5 students per year. The interested students should apply at the beginning of the course. 

More Info can be found at the program's oficial page.