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Institute of Statistical Research Analysis & Documentation

About I.S.R.A.D.

The Institute of Statistical Research, Analysis and Documentation is associated with the Department of Statistics of the Athens University of Economics and Business. Its structure and its function are described in the establishing Presidential Decree (P. D. 432/24-11-1995, Gazette 246, Issue Α΄)

The aims of the Institute are:

  • To make the  Greek public aware on the necessity to use statistical methods in approaching everyday problems.

  • The development of Statistical Science in Greece and generally the development of the use of statistical and quantitative methods and their applications.

  • The involvement in the development of the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs of the Department of Statistics.

  • To establish connections with similar well-established centers overseas.

  • The development and applications of Survey Methods.

  • The collection and Analysis of Data.

  • The development of data bases.

  • The establishement of a statistical consulting center.

  • To carry out research.

The research carried out In the Institute of Statistical Research, Analysis and Documentation is in the theory and applications of Statistics and Probability and in Quantitative Methods. Some of the Institute's activities are: collection and analysis of statistical data, statistical consulting, actuarial studies with emphasis in social insurance, health statistics and Biostatistics, the mathematics and the stochastic of finance, the use of Statistics and the development of statistical methods for the collection and the analysis of data in various areas such as education, health, law, economics, industry.

The graduate students of the Department of Statistics have the possibility of doing part of their studies at the Institute.


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