Program Courses

Semester: 1st
Probability Ι
Calculus Ι
Linear Algebra Ι
Introduction to Programming with R
Semester: 2nd
Probability ΙΙ
Calculus II
Linear Algebra ΙΙ
Introduction to Probabilities and Statistics using R
Semester: 3rd
Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
Stochastic Processes I
Linear Models
Demographic Statistics
Introduction to Economic Theory
Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
Introduction to Computerized Accounting and Finance
Linear Models (repetitive)
Semester: 4th
Linear Models
Mathematical Methods
Actuarial I
Time Series Analysis
Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design
Estimation and Hypothesis Testing (repetitive)
Semester: 5th
Generalized Linear Models
Statistical Quality Control
Bayesian Statistics
Theoretical Statistics
Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design
Semester: 6th
Data Analysis
Non Parametric Statistics
Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Biostatistics I
Semester: 7th
Introduction to Measurement Theory with regard to Probability and Statistics
Practical Training
Bachelor Thesis
Αναλογιστικά ΙΙ
Stochastic Procedures ΙΙ
Εισαγωγή στην Επιχειρησιακή Έρευνα
Biostatistics ΙΙ
Statistical Learning
Probability Theory
Applied Linear Models*
Research Methodology*
Semester: 8th
Official Statistics
Statistical Methods for the Environment and Ecology
Numerical Methods in Statistics
Statistics – Erasmus Course*
Practical Training
Bachelor Thesis
Methods of Bayesian Inference
Statistics – Erasmus Course*
Advanced Sampling Methods
Categorical Data Analysis
STSP: Decision Theory