Advanced Sampling Methods (7 ECTS)

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Sampling theory from finite populations. Populations, subpopulations, variables, parameters, random sampling, unit selection probability, sampling with unequal probabilities, sampling weights, sampling data graphs. Randomization in finite populations, estimating parameters of finite populations, estimating function distribution, calculating estimators variance, sampling design effect. Using subsidiary information in estimation.

Generalized regression method (ratio estimation, regression estimation), optimal regression estimator, Calibration. Bi-phase sampling. Multiple fields sampling. Subpopulation and rare population sampling. Non sampling errors. Methods of adjustment for non response, imputation. Variance estimation in complex sampling. Linearization, replication methods (random groups, jackknife, bootstrap).

      Recommended Reading

  • Lohr, S. (2010) Sampling: Design and Analysis. 2nd Edition. Brooks/Cole. Sengage learning.
  • Sarndal, C-E., Swensson , B., Wretman , J. (1992) Model assisted survey sampling. Springer.

(old titles: "Sampling Methods")