Internship from Frontier-Science Foundation Hellas

The Full-time Postgraduate Program in Statistics of the Athens University of Economics and Business announces 1 Internship.

The Frontier-Science Foundation Hellas (FSFH) will fund 1 Internship in the field of clinical trials for full-time postgraduate students of the full time postgraduate program in Statistics.

The selected student will be employed for 3-6 months with an contract at the company's offices in Athens. The selection process will include an interview and possibly some tests.

The collaboration terms will be agreed with the student during the selection process. The internship is expected to start in September. At the same time, they will write their dissertation on a subject of common interest of the MSc and the Frontier-Science Foundation Hellas. Topics will belong to the area of ​​Biostatistics and clinical trials. The thesis can start earlier and should be completed by 28/02/2022.

The company is interested in keeping the internship student after the completion of the program, something that will depend on his performance but also on position availability.