Sampling (7 ECTS)

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Introductory concepts and definitions. Finite populations, subpopulations, variables. Census survey, sampling survey. Random and non random sampling. Probability of selecting population units. Finite population parameters, parameter estimation, properties. Sampling frame. Sampling techniques. Simple random sampling. Mean, ratio and proportion estimation. Confidence intervals . Estimating required sample size. Stratified sampling. Parameter estimation. Distributing a sample in strata. Comparing simple random to stratified sampling. Quota sampling. Systematic sampling. Estimating parameters and comparison to other sampling techniques. Probability proportional to size ('PPS') sampling. Cluster sampling. Single stage cluster sampling. Equal and non equal probability sampling. Two stage cluster sampling. Conducting a sampling research. Sampling frame, questionnaire and methods of data collection. Sampling research errors. Methods of avoiding or minimizing errors and correction methods. Non response errors, adjustment and imputation techniques.

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(old title: Sampling techniques and Sample Surveys)