Biostatistics ΙΙ (7 ECTS)

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Elective Courses

Survival data and their properties. Survival time functions (survival function, risk function, average residual life) and their interrelationships. Survival time parametric models examples: Exponential , Weibull, Log-logistic etc). Non parametric survival analysis, estimating functions methods: : Product-Limit (Kaplan-Meier) and Nelson-Aalen estimators. Standard errors, types of confidence intervals (plain, log, cloglog) and inference. Methods of comparing survival function: Logrank test and generalizations. Extension to more than two samples.

Parametric survival analysis: Distribution fitting with the maximum likelihood method. Hypothesis testing, asymptotic theory, types of confidence intervals and inference. Generalization for two samples. Survival analysis with instrumental variables: Cox’s model of analog risks, partial likelihood and inference. Accelerated Failure Time model. Model interpretation through Bayesian examples. Survival analysis and frailty. Introduction to clinical trials. Designs (parallel, crossover, cross-sectional, etc.). Sample size and power. Treatment allocation randomization, adjustable designs. Meta analysis.

Recommended Reading

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(old title: "Survival Analysis")