Numerical Methods in Statistics (7 ECTS)

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Elective Courses

General principles of arithmetic calculations and basic tools in estimating accuracy of said calculations. Arithmetical solving of one variable functions. Bisection methods. Point method. Newton method. Secant method, False position method. Function approximation. Function approximation using least squares. Interpolation and multinomial function approach. Orthogonal polynomials and applications. Curve fit. Spline functions. Approximation using kernels. Arithmetical linear algebra. Direct methods. Linear systems stability. Matrices factorization, special matrices. LU decomposition, the Cholesky decomposition. Iterative methods of solving linear systems. The Jacobi method, the Gauss-Seidel method and its variants, general iterative method. Special linear systems. Numerical solving of non linear systems. Point method for multiple variable functions, Newton method in the multidimensional case. Numerical integration and differentiation methods. Taylor series approach. Monte Carlo integration.  Numerical differentiation. Calculating derivatives using interpolation polynomials. Numerical optimization methods. Typical optimization problems, using LaGrange method of multipliers in optimization theory and the Karush–Kuhn–Tucker conditions (KKT). The Steepest Descent method, the Newton method for solving optimization problems with or without equality constraints. Interior point methods – central path method and using bounded functions for solving optimization problems with mixed constraints. Principles of simulation and random search algorithms. Basic idea of global optimization methods. Simulated Annealing algorithmic method. The EM algorithm and its variations.

Recommended Reading

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(old title: "Computational Statistics")