Demographic Statistics (7 ECTS)

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Basic concepts: Introduction to demographics, demographic events, types of demographic data, sources of demographic data, demographic data publications, basic demographic measures, ratios, indices or coefficients, population evolution – basic equation. Mortality, mortality per cause of death, mortality measures, mortality probability, mortality comparisons – standardization methods, direct and indirect standardization. Life tables: building a life table, the life table as a stationary population, mortality rate, stochastic approach to life table functions. Modeling mortality by age. Multiple decrement tables: building a multiple decrement table, summary of functions of the multiple decrement table. Fertility: Fertility measures, reproduction factors, modeling fertility. Nuptiality: nuptiality measures, nuptiality tables. Estimations, projections  and population projections: projection techniques, population projections, analytical-synthetical method.

      Recommended Reading

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