Over the last years, R has become the prevalent statistical computing tool for statisticians worldwide. The aim of this course is to introduce graduate students and professional statisticians and data scientist to the basic principles of R including modern statistical modeling, classification and Bayesian approaches.

This Summer School on R is intended for Statistics graduates, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, junior researchers, lecturers at universities, and professionals working in industry. Participants are expected to have a good background in statistics and a strong interest in statistical computing. Although an introductory session will introduce the basic logic and functions of R, some familiarity with R or at least with statistical computing is desirable. 

There have already been 2 installments of the R Summer School. 

Greek Stochastics is a team of Greek Statisticians with overlapping research interests and coalescent research genealogy. On a voluntary basis, they organize a yearly summer workshop that includes short courses, contributed talks and poster presentations. This is a list of past and future meetings:

  1. Greek Stochastics α' "Monte Carlo: Probability and Methods", Lefkada, Greece,28-31 August 2009.

  2. Greek Stochastics β' "Interaction between Biology and Probabilistic/ Statistical Theory and Methods", Lefkada, Greece, 25-28 August 2010.

  3. Greek Stochastics γ' "Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods", Crete, Greece, 30 May - 1 June 2011.

  4. Greek Stochastics δ' "Inference for Dynamical Systems", Kalamata, Greece, 25-28 August 2012.

  5. Greek Stochastics ε' "Jump processes: probability, statistical inference and financial modelling", Kalamata, Greece, 6-8 July 2013.

  6. Greek Stochastics ζ' "Networks: Theory, Methods and Applications", Athens, Greece, 20-22 December 2014.

  7. Greek Stochastics η' "Sequential and On-line Learning", Chania, Crete, Greece, 11-13 July 2015.

  8. Greek Stochastics θ' "Big Data and Models", Tinos, Greece, 10-13 July 2016.

  9. Greek Stochastics ι' "Model determination", Milos, Greece, 14-17 July 2017.


AUEB Sports Analytics Group is an academic group of high class quantitative scientists working on the field of Sport Analytics including topics such as modelling and prediction of sports outcomes, sport Economics, performance analysis, visualization and measuring competitive balance. 

The aim of the team is promote the implementation of high quality quantitative analysis in Sports both academically and professionally. 

You can view a video of the latest meeting here. and pictures here.

Here is what the University's newspaper wrote about the event.

The objective of the school is to bring together postgraduate students, PhD candidates and researchers as well as market practitioners in the rapidly developing field of stochastic finance. The school is focused on advanced courses which form the basis for discussion and interaction between the participants.

The Summer School has been successfully running for 13 consecutive years, since 2004.

This series of meetings was originally motivated by discussions between the Greek and Italian Statistical community. The intention is to continue the tradition of this series of meetings and extend participation from the broader statistical community. 

There have already been three installments of the meetings:

  1. 2017: Fourth Meeting on Statistics @ Florence, Italy, 3-5 July 2017

  2. 2015: Third Meeting on Statistics @ Athens, 24-26 June 2015 

  3. 2010: Second Greco-Italian Meeting of Statistics @ Porto San Paolo, Sardegna, Italy

  4. 2008: First Athens-Pavia Meeting on Statistics @ Mati, Attica, Greece