Laboratory of Statistical Methodology

Laboratory of Statistical Methodology

It is located at the 2nd floor on Evelpdion 47 str. Postgraduate, PhD students and the departments’ faculty work in this lab.

There is a local network of 27 PC’s and 2 projectors. There is access to the university’s central computational system

The lab is used for Faculty members, PhD candidates and postgraduate students research. It is also used for students assignments.  For this reason, a number of statistical packages and other software is installed (word processors, graphical packages, databases etc).

The lab also occasionally hosts seminars on the department's subjects, as well as postgraduate courses.

Subject field: The lab serves research and educational needs in the field of "Statistics" and in particular in developing and using of statistical analysis methods to solve problems in a wide range of cognitive subjects.

Director: Professor I. Ntzoufras

In charge: Tatiana Mihou (

Amendment PD: B 984 – 23.03.2017

Foundation PDΒ 2000 - 31.12.2003 (Number  78030/Β1)

Address: 208, 2nd floor, Evelpidon 47A and Lefkados 33 Building.

Telephone: 210-8203863