Short Course on Football Analytics

The Sports Analytics Group of the Department of Statistics of Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) announces the short course on


as a part of the

7th AUEB Sports Analytics Workshop (AUEB SAW2023)

​The course will be delivered by Professor Dimitris Karlis (AUEB), Prof. Ioannis Ntzoufras (AUEB) and assistant Professor Leonardo Egidi (University of Trieste).

The course will be held virtually via TEAMS on the evenings of Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd of May 2023 (possibly on 17.00-21.00, Greek time, EEST (Eastern European Summer Time), GMT+3; time and schedule will be finalised before the event).

Course Program


  • Current topics in Football Analytics 
  • Double Poisson Models, Prediction, and League re-generation
  • Bayesian Models for Prediction Using the footbayes R package


  • Bayesian Models for Prediction Using the footbayes R package (continued)
  • Prediction with Advanced Models
  • Introduction to in-play analytics

All participants should have R installed on their computers. Some implementations will possibly be in OpenBUGS, Jags or STAN and footbayes package in R (

​All course participants will receive a certificate of attendance if they attend all sessions.

​ Webpage of the short course on Football Analytics is available here

Apply now here 

Early registration will be available until Sunday 23rd of April 2023.

Ημερομηνία Εκδήλωσης: 
Thursday, March 9, 2023 - 13:15