Information Systems and Electronic Business

Objectives of the Information Systems and Electronic Business stream are:

  • To provide through the courses offered specialized knowledge both in theory and (more importantly) in practical application, for the main categories of information technologies applied in the business and organizational environment, in all phases of their development and administration, with an emphasis on e-business
  • To capitalize and specialize the basic computer literacy and computer skills acquired by the student in the first years of his studies through the compulsory computer courses he has attended
  • To create the required background for modern and up-to-date knowledge and skills of IT development:
    • Apps and software re-use,
    • Business Analytics,
    • User experience (UX),
    • Business Process Modelling and ERP,
    • Information Resource Management
  • The practical application of the above to the creation of innovative business models / services / businesses in a real environment with emphasis on the exploitation of new technologies

Graduates of the stream can work:

  • As specialists in e-commerce, digital marketing, web applications / services, etc.
  • As executives in positions of analysts, programmers or project managers of information systems
  • As specialists in new specialties related to: social networks, mobile application development, e-learning, internet businesses, knowledge management, digital media and digital marketing
  • As executives (and founders) of innovative new businesses that use new technologies with emphasis on the Internet, mobile devices and other digital media

Stream Courses