Introduction to Management

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Course Description

Management as a field of scientific inquiry, as well as every day practice, is particularly important because it is critically associated with the efficient and effective functioning of firms and organizations. In this context, by attending the course, students will be able to understand in depth the fundamental concepts and applications of Management. Students will acquire skills related to: (a) Analysis of the internal and external environment in which management is conducted, (b) Decision making and strategic planning, (c) Organizational architecture, and (d) the analysis of ethical and social responsibility issues.

The course aims to provide a general introduction to the concepts and tools of the Management. It includes the following sections:

  • Fundamental functions of management and managers’ roles. The evolution of management theory
  • The organizational and global environment; ethics and social responsibility
  • Managers as decision makers and strategists
  • Managing organizational structure; organizational control and culture
  • Human resources management and leadership