Public Policy and Management


The Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Public Policy & Management - Master in Public Policy & Public Management from the Department of Economics, International and European Economic Studies and Management Science and Technology, fills education needs for executives in the wider public sector and non-governmental organizations. It expresses the commitment and ambition of Athens University of Economics and Business to develop a high quality graduate program combining its expertise in financial matters and the "management". Existing on the subject, graduate programs in Greece are not adequately addressed, making the role of the new program very important. It is significant that there are many such programs in the U.S. and Europe.

The program is part time and runs since September 2010. Program director is Professor Dimitrios Christopoulos.

In the program an interesting set of common courses and courses that differentiate the two directions is formed:

  • Direction of Public Policy
  • Direction of Public Management

Professors of international repute from the AUEB and other universities are teaching In the Program.

The program aims:

  • To increase the skills and capabilities of the executives that will attend for successful careers and development in the wider public sector and non-governmental organizations claiming leadership in this area.
  • To provide these executives with specialized knowledge, analytical capabilities and skills to be able to provide appropriate and practical solutions to complex problems of the wider public sector to design those policies that promote efficiency and the public interest, but also to develop leading role in promoting and implementing effectively those policies.

The program is intended for:

  • Graduates of Greek and foreign universities who are already employed in the public sector and nongovernmental organizations (eg Public Sector, Public Enterprises and Organizations, Local Authorities, Social Services, Non Profit Organizations).
  • In executives who have broader professional experience from other areas and which are of interest and aim to take a role in the future in this area.

The program emphasizes the interdisciplinary analysis, critical thinking and practical application. For this it uses case studies from the field of public administration, and applications to real problems of space. Provides conceptual frameworks, tools and methods, cultivates skills and promotes complex learning processes and develop leadership skills.