Postgraduate Studies

Department of Statistics Postgraduate Studies

The Department of Statistics of the Athens University of Economics and Business has been founded in 1989. Its purpose is to provide innovative and high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education in probability and statistics. Every year 120 undergraduate students and ~60 postgraduate students are accepted in our M.Sc. courses.   

The department has an international reputation for developing statistical methodology that has grown from its history of active contributions to research and teaching in statistics.

The following MsC Programms are offered:

  • Msc in Statistics (two semesters)
  • Msc in Applied Statistics (four semesters)
  • Msc in Quantitative Management of Actuarial and Financial Risk (four semesters, Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program in association with the Department of Accounting and Finance)
  • Msc in Data Science (program offered in either two or four semesters, Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of the Department of Informatics)

courses offer specialist training in statistics applied to educational science, medical and social sciences, finance, econometrics and actuarial statistics.

We welcome PhD applications from students with an excellent Msc qualification and an interest in many areas of statistics like Bayesian statistics, stochastic modeling, financial mathematics, actuarial statistics or multivariate statistics.

Applications for the academic year 2020-21 have started.

You can find more information for our programs here.