Seminar: "Weak Runs in Sequences of Binary Trials: Distributions and Applications"


Spiros Dafnis, Agricultural University of Athens

Title: Weak Runs in Sequences of Binary Trials: Distributions and Applications



The distributions associated with success runs in sequences of binary trials have been extensively, bibliographically, processed, due to their wide applicability, in numerous research areas. However, as the complexity of the research problems in question increases, the assessment of generalized runs becomes more and more of vital importance. One of the main categories of exhaustively studied generalized runs, is scans, with another recent addition being weak runs (Dafnis and Makri (2022a, 2022b)). In our presentation, we will be focusing on the demonstration of our results, with respect to the distributions of weak runs, as well as, on the latest methodological tools, through which, such results might be extracted. Last, but not least, we will be providing you with instances, from the industry world, in which these results are being applied, with special emphasis placed on Statistical Quality Control, where, the development of this very new theory leads to improved control charts.

  • Dafnis, S. D., Makri F. S. (2022a). Weak runs in sequences of binary trials. Metrika, 85(5), 573-603.
  • Dafnis, S. D., Makri F. S. (2022b). Distributions related to weak runs with a minimum and a maximum number of successes: A unified approach. Submitted for publication.
  • Dafnis, S. D., Perdikis T., Papadopoulos G. K. (2022). Improved chi-square control charts with weak runs rules. Submitted for publication.
Ημερομηνία Εκδήλωσης: 
Friday, November 11, 2022 - 13:00