Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Human Resources

The aim of the stream is to provide students who choose it, the knowledge and skills required for the management of enterprises and organizations in the context of complex processes involved in the business environment, taking into account the changing labor relations and the important role of human resources.

The Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Human Resources stream is designed to:

  • to provide, through its courses, knowledge both in theory and practice, on issues of human resource and leadership management, as well as on issues of innovation, strategy and implementation of strategic changes in the context of the internationalized economy
  • to shape thinking and to develop the administrative, organizational and personal skills required by corporate executives and organizations to cope with modern challenges
  • to help students who choose it to understand the interaction of business strategy with effective human resource management for the benefit of the business
  • to assist graduates interested in entrepreneurship in understanding the functions and the role of human resources in a small business or a start-up
  • to explore the potential of innovation and strategy in dynamic new entrepreneurship
  • and help through the practical application of the above to the creation of innovative business models / services / businesses in a real environment with emphasis on the exploitation of new technologies

Graduates of this stream can be employed as:

  • Executives for every business and organization
  • Executives in human resources
  • Executives in consultancy
  • Consultants - external business partners
  • Businessmen

Stream Courses